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Sample Business Valuation and Financial Reports

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We will prepare three reports about your business valuation. The first report is a Business Valuation powered by BizEquity, a leading business valuation service. This report takes all your financial data and calculates a likely estimate of your business value. You can think of this like the “Zestimate” for your business.
The second report is a Profit and Value Gap report. This report compares your business profit and value to other companies in your industry. This report indicates how much more profit you could be generating and how much more your business could be worth if operating at a best-in-class level.
The third report is contain four Key Financial Metrics - Sustainable Growth Rare, Mis-Matched Financing, Debt Ceiling, and Debt Availability.

Business Valuation


Profit and Value Gaps


Key Financial Metrics

Sustainable Growth Rate
Mis-Matched Financing
Debt Ceiling and Debt Availability

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