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As consultants and executive coaches, we think a lot about leadership and strategy. Our purpose is to “Build Organizational Leaders” who can help their organizations achieve their vision. We also believe that “our success lies behind your success.” Behind in this context means three things:
We are standing behind you – you are at the forefront – we do not expect, nor desire, to be the hero. Your success is your success.
We are behind you pushing you forward. We provide inspiration, advice, and sometimes a kick in the rear to keep you moving forward.
Our success comes only after you have succeeded – we do not feel like we've been successful unless, and until, you succeed.
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Debbie Radish-Respess, NCC
I am a Board Certified Executive Coach with an MBA and 30 years of strategic executive experience in operations, supply chain management, and human resources. And I am passionate about Serving Those Who Serve Others, like business owners who want to turn their vision into a Profitable, Sustainable, and Valuable business.
Craig Paxson, BCC, CEPA, SPP
I am a former small-business CEO, Board Certified Executive Coach, Certified Exit Planning Advisor, and Strategic Planning Professional focusing on helping business owners maximize the value of their businesses, minimize their involvement, and turn their vision into a Profitable, Sustainable, and Valuable business.

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